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Gien and its surroundings

Visit the city of Gien and the villages around the city: Arrabloy, Boismorand, Langesse, Les Choux, Le Moulinet sur Solin, Nevoy, Saint Brisson, Saint Martin sur Ocre, Saint Gondon and Poilly lez Gien.


Discover the many castles, museums and gardens as well as our 4 assets: Castles, Faience, Loire and Wine!

Château-musée de Gien. Chasse, Histoire et Nature en Val de Loire

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Château-musée de Gien. Chasse, Histoire et Nature en Val de Loire - GIEN

The château was built at the end of the 15th century by Anne de Beaujeu, eldest daughter of Louis XI and regent of France, on the site of a medieval fortress where Joan of Arc may have stayed. The architecture of the Château de Gien is characteristic of the beginning of the French Renaissance. Unfortunately, the interior was treated badly due to its various uses (sub-prefecture, court of law, prison). A descendant of a keen hunter and a falconry enthusiast herself, a place to practise hunting was required by the countess, Anne de Beaujeu, eldest daughter of Louis XI. She also had the royal château built, in a strategic location between the region of Sologne, rich with game, and the forest of Orléans. With its towers and turrets forming bold silhouettes, and its polychrome brick and stone architecture, the structure foreshadowed the French Renaissance. Changing from administrative building to prison in turn, the Château de Gien became the International Museum of Hunting in 1952 and remains so to this day. With approximately 10,000 objects and works of art, the collection retraces the history of hunting and the development of techniques.

Eglise Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc Gien - GIEN

Eglise Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc Gien

Faïencerie de Gien et son Musée

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Faïencerie de Gien et son Musée - GIEN

In the picturesque setting of a former wine cellar, this large collection of fine earthenware contains many of the most impressive pieces created in the local area.

Le Château de Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire - SAINT-BRISSON-SUR-LOIRE

Experience the battles of a besieged village in the moats of this ancient medieval fortress transformed into a 16th century manor house. At their posts, the soldiers load up the cerbatanes, mangonels, couillards and trebuchets for live firing of balls: a unique demonstration of these machines.

Le Château de Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire

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Village de Saint-Gondon

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Village de Saint-Gondon - SAINT-GONDON