4 facts about Gien


Anne de France is Louis XI's elder daughter. 

The king married her at 13 to Pierre de Beaujeu, then aged 35. She became Anne de Beaujeu. Louis XI, feeling that his deadh was close,  decided to grant Anne with the regency of the kingdom after his death until the day his son Charles VIII would be aged enough to govern. At 20, Charles VIII no longer needed a tutor and became king of France. Anne de Beaujeu then retreated to her areas of Moulins and Gien, her favorite retreat,  where she became an important actor. For instance, she built the Chateau on the site of an old medieval fortress.

JOAN OF ARC: between myths and legends

Important woman in French history, Joan of Arc, aslo known as the Virgin of Orleans, went to war against England so that the actual heir could be crowned king of France. She went from battle to battle and went to Gien four times in 1429, she met the heir Charles VII there and urged him to go to Reims to be crowned as king. To celebrate its passage, the church of Gien was baptized during its last reconstruction "Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc church".


The history of Gien is intimately linked to the history of the river. Men have always wanted to dominate it, which is why we find Mariners over several generations in Gien. Whether for the transport of people or goods (wood, raw material for earthenware), Mariners have been essential to the development of the city. Today the sons of galarne maintain traditions ! Besides, who's better to talk about them than Robert "Le bourru" passionate about the Loire.

GIEN: a city in ruins by 1940

June 15th 1940, the Luftwaffe bombed the Gien Bridge to prevent the retreat of the French army. A huge fire destroyed the city, that burned for 3 days, 422 buildings were destroyed, and more than 300 made uninhabitable. The reconstruction was done in 1946 according to the plans of the architect André Laborie, who found very harmonious compromises between the style of the region and the requirements of a modern life. This new birth of the city was so successful that Gien still boasts the title of "Jewel of French Reconstruction".