At the start of the 1930s, Albert Lejeune was a happy man. He runs two authoritative newspapers, so he seeks a link between his two newspapers, Le Petit Journal based in Paris and Le Petit Niçois based in Nice.

This event must be cyclist. At the time, the interest in cycling was immense. André Leducq, Antonin Magne, Georges Speicher, René Vietto are the great stars of national sport. In Europe, there are many city-to-city day races. Much rarer stage races. There is of course the Tour de France and the Tour d'Italie (the Tour of Spain was not born until 1935) and two other events lasting 8 days in which French riders stood out: the Tour of Catalonia and the Tour of the Basque Country.

Albert Lejeune's guiding idea is very simple. It is about connecting the geographic center of its two newspapers through an innovative cycling race. Hence the choice of Paris-Nice, over a period of six days, to extend the winter season by reminiscent of the Six Days, a race very popular with the public at the time. The race takes the name of "Six Days of the Road". It was in 1954 that the race took the name Paris-Nice.

Remember and write the date of March 9, 2021 in your diary. Indeed stage 3 of the famous cycling race will put down its suitcases in Gien for the first time since 1960 for a 14km time trial.




Full course du Paris - Nice 2021 

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